Fall 2016

Student cleaning flooded store.

The Road to Recovery

The floods that raged through southern West Virginia inflicted deep wounds that Mountaineers are helping to heal.


Guarding the Nation's Tomb

These alumni are guarding our nation’s heroes at Arlington National Cemetery.

Illustration of boats going under bridge with rising sun in the background along with windmills.

Bridging Civilizations

The U.S. and China are global powers locked in competition. WVU is building a bridge between the two.

Hilary Jam

At the Twilight: Keeping Appalachian Music Alive

The WVU Bluegrass Band is bringing songs from Appalachia's past into the life of school children throughout West Virginia.


Brad Paisley Comes to Campus

Although country music superstar Brad Paisley never studied at WVU, the Glen Dale native has bled gold and blue from a young age.


Michelangelo's Handwriting

Bob Tallaksen teaches students to study human lungs and hearts via X-ray, CT scan and MRI. In his spare time, he studies other images, namely handwriting from the medieval period to the Renaissance.

Marissa Angellatta rides the zipline at WVU.

Ride Our Zipline

WVU started the nation’s first zip canopy tour operated by a university. Get to know the canopy tour from two of our tour guides.


Authoritarian America

Sociologist Joshua Woods examines how the post-9/11 world has leaned America toward authoritarianism.

A ghostly girl spins in her party dress.

Flashback - Haunted Halls

If you were to walk the WVU campus in the fall, you might get involved in a haunting. Meet the ghostly visitors we caught on camera.

Political cartoons from the Rush Holt collection sit on a table.

Politics in Cartoons

In this presidential election season, explore this collection of witty and biting cartoons from days gone by.