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Feared and Revered: All Eyes on AI

Research 2024 | Cover Story

Artificial intelligence and the rise of popular open-source platforms like ChatGPT are disrupting life now more than ever. As the technology evolves, it stirs interest among researchers trying to keep up with both the pace of development and the ethical ramifications that accompany its use. 

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Riding the Waves

As WVU repositions itself, Fred King sees the Mountain State’s flagship, land-grant institution weathering future storms and, despite a changing higher ed landscape, remaining a premier research institution. Trust him, he’s done his research.

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Love and Science

A chance date. The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Research. Breast Cancer. All of these factor into a love story that has withstood "in sickness and in health."

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Nature's Lab

Streamline: Restoring the Shavers Fork of Cheat River

Somewhere along the 50-mile ridge of Cheat Mountain, one of West Virginia’s tallest and most rugged peaks, Paul and Lucas Kinder are behind the controls of a 18,000-pound excavator.

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Right Brain

You are what you eat

We are what we eat, and that equation expands to where our food comes from, who grew or raised it, who processed it, who packaged or prepared it and who served it to us.

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Mind Over Muscle

The Physics of Basketball

Basketball is more than the cheers of the crowd, the squeak of shoes on the hardwood floors and the hustle of 10 players on the court. What really makes that scoreboard light up is physics.

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Final Frontier

A Meteoric Rise

Physics and astronomy has become a research and education powerhouse, fueling faculty breakthroughs and launching futures.

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Engineering A New Medicine

Booster Shot

Federal National Institutes of Health (NIH) dollars make sense in elevating WVU research, regional economy.

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The Last Word

The Forensic Scientist

Before the existence of procedural crime dramas like “Bones” and the “CSI” franchise, Tatiana Trejos took on an internship at the Costa Rican Department of Forensic Science.

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Author Sarah Beth Childers

Sarah Beth Childers (MFA English, ’09) knew she’d write about her brother’s death soon after he died by suicide in 2012.

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Fair game: Kelly Collins

It could be argued that Kelly Tuckwiller Collins (’09, ’11, Reed College of Media) grew up at the State Fair of West Virginia. She has been attending the annual August event since before her first memory.

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WVU alum flies into storms for science

For six months of the year, the East Coast of the United States braces for “Hurricane Season.” While local officials and meteorologists signal caution to their viewers that may be in areas of danger, WVU graduate Nick Underwood flies directly into them.

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Grad Helps Attorneys Make the Right Case

Luke Yingling, Law ’22, is blazing his own trail as the founding president and CEO of Analytica Legalis, a technology company that uses artificial intelligence to help attorneys win in court.

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Photos and Media

February in Review

Photo essay

The photography team's best and favorite photos from February 2024.

February in photos

January in Review

Photo essay

The photography team's best and favorite photos from January 2024.

January in photos


Inset image: Fluorescent latent fingerprint imaging on a non-porous substrate, using alternate light sources in the visible spectrum range.


The WVU Department of Forensic and Investigative Science is leaving quite an imprint. Department Chair Casper Venter captured these images of what's taking place inside its lab. 

Main image: Polymerization structures cyanoacrylate (superglue) on fingerprint residue under a spectral electron microscope.

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