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Summer 2024


Good Medicine

Student teams travel underserved areas in the western hemisphere to bring healthcare, sanitation and nutrition, all the while learning about the world and themselves.

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Miles of Smiles

Over the Kanawha River and through the Monongahela National forest, West Virginia’s winding roads are leading future dental professionals to small towns and healthcare deserts across the state.

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A Playground of Innovation

It’s always a good day at work when it feels more like play. Innovation is the name of the game at WVU.

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Health Horizons

Investing in Our Mission

Patients facing one of the most devastating diagnoses of their lives will have a full-service facility for treatment, procedures, therapies, clinical trials and hospital stays thanks to a gift from the Hazel Ruby McQuain Charitable Trust.

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Mountain State

POWER PLANT: Helping tomato growers have a bumper crop

Eighty-two years ago, Gallegly finished his own studies and began his tomato-creating journey soon after. His latest version is "Mannon's Majesty."

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Mountaineer Spirit

Flyer, Mid-Layer, Coach

For the last 20-plus years, Christy Bryan-Davis has been coaching the women and men at major West Virginia University athletic events who pump up the crowd with cheers, songs, and stunts.

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With Purpose

WVU students find their own strengths, discover their own purpose

WVU has developed a unique space – The Purpose Center – where students can do a 360° review of their options in academics, student organizations, extracurricular activities, health and wellbeing and career networking.

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Research Center

Collaborative Healthcare

After almost a year into his role at WVU as the senior associate vice president for research and graduate education for Health Sciences and vice dean of research for the School of Medicine — Ming Lei is looking toward the future.

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Thinking It Through


“Too often, when teachers get ‘good’ at their craft, they leave the classroom and become administrators" according to math coach Joanna Burt-Kinderman. “It’s currently the only way to advance in your education career. We’re here to change that.”


Lab Work

Oriana Ovide (BS ’20, MS ’22) was always interested in science and math, a true STEM kid from her Columbia, Maryland, days to searching for the right school that would foster her interest in forensic science, particularly in forensic chemistry.

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Banking on the future

Now an attorney with Sullivan and Cromwell, a law firm serving Wall Street clients like Goldman Sachs and American Express, Michael Escue (Business, ’92, Law, ’98) traces a path from his current success back to his days at West Virginia University.

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The Last Word

The Last Word: The Voice

All Mountaineers know the voice. It’s the trademark “for threeeeeeeeeeeeee” that permeates the WVU Coliseum during basketball games.

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