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The Last Word

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The Last Word

The International Mountaineer

The power of the Internet cannot be overstated. It’s how, from Nigeria – 6,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean — Nathaniel Godwin stumbled upon WVU.

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The Last Word

Meet Jorge Atiles

Dean Jorge Atiles celebrated his two-year anniversary with WVU Extension this summer. Over the last few years, he has spent a lot of time listening and learning.

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The Last Word

The King of Research

Growing up in Richmond, Va., Fred King fondly recalls staying up to watch the moon landing with his family and receiving his first chemistry set for Christmas.

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The Last Word

The Last Word: Another Mountaineer

Accomplished mountain climber and outdoor education advocate Tyrhee Moore, BS ’15, Sport Management, found his passion for the outdoors early in life.

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At the Connection of Business and Human Rights

Jena Martin has worked at the Securities and Exchange Commission. She’s presented at the United Nations. And she is a professor in the WVU College of Law where she teaches, writes and edits books about the intersection of corporations and human rights.

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The Last Word

The Forensic Scientist

Before the existence of procedural crime dramas like “Bones” and the “CSI” franchise, Tatiana Trejos took on an internship at the Costa Rican Department of Forensic Science.

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