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Behind the Set

If you're a fan of "Stranger Things," you've seen some of William Davis' work.

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The Army Ranger

After more than 400 combat missions and four deployments, Ed Olesh ended up merging an outdoor hobby with an education at WVU.

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Mountaineers in Arms

They served our country. Now their journeys beyond the military have stretched to the campus of WVU.

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Ballin' in Memphis

Jevon Carter leaps to the pros after his storied career at WVU. Check out a list of other Mountaineers who've suited up for the NBA.

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From Loneliness to Belonging

Loneliness is a pervasive health problem. This nursing researcher has a way to stop it.

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The Doctor Is In

Dr. Patrice Harris' West Virginia University story begins as so many do – at a football game.

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Back on Track: Racer loses his legs but not his drive

He almost lost his life racing. Then the journey began.

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The Beat Poet

Meet Daniel McTaggart: WVU custodian by night, beat poet by day.

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The Ride of His Life

This alumni's career has literally been a roller coaster ride.

Savannah Lusk in her family's restaurant.

A Chance For New Life

Behind WVU's latest $1.2 billion campaign are real stories -- many waiting to be unraveled -- linked to every penny.

Elaine McMillion portrait

Making Sunlight in the Dark

Alumna Elaine McMillion Sheldon directed two documentaries in West Virginia about people who are combatting the opioid crisis and seeking recovery.

Will Grier throwing a football

When There's A Will, There's A Way: Grier Talks Fatherhood, Football

Will Grier is as much a superstar family man than a superstar quarterback (though he doesn't like changing diapers).

Joanna Burt-Kinderman teaches math in a classroom.

Math Revolution

Joanna Burt-Kinderman is a math coach...yes, a math coach. And her work has helped put schools in Pocahontas County, W.Va. on par with with the most math-proficient states in the nation.

Margreet Bos

Traveling Soul

Margreet Bos went to see the world after graduating from WVU in 1995. Then her world changed when a grenade landed in her truck.

Ali Rezai

The Future of Healing the Brain

Dr. Ali Rezai's methods of treating neurological disorders sound like mere science fiction. But they're not.