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From Loneliness to Belonging

Loneliness is a pervasive health problem. This nursing researcher has a way to stop it.

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Putting the Science in Forensic Science

We’re training the next generation of forensic scientists and grappling with a growing field.

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Celebrating Einstein

Albert Einstein has inspired a lot of progress at WVU -- and even art.

Ali Rezai

The Future of Healing the Brain

Dr. Ali Rezai's methods of treating neurological disorders sound like mere science fiction. But they're not.

Scott Bowdridge portrait

The Man Helping Save America's Sheep

Professor Scott Bowdridge has spent his entire adult life studying a parasite killing sheep. He may have just figured out how to stop it.


Healing Without The High

Steven Kinsey is finding ways to treat neuropathic pain with cannabis - safely and without the high, man.

Mars terrain.

A Dream of Mars

One of the finest amateur robot minds outside of NASA has put WVU's robotics program on the map.

Jennifer Gallagher holds up yeast.

My Cousin Yeast

Four years after a coal-washing chemical spilled into West Virginia's Elk River, this geneticist is still unraveling the question of "What does this stuff do?"

Humans and Robots

Humans and Computers

For Saiph Savage, the intersection of humans and computers is as much an exploration of sociology and psychology as it is numbers and data.

Candice Brown

One Size Does Not Fit All

Candice Brown explores the biological gender differences in sepsis patients.


Fighting Opioids

WVU professors are on the frontlines of combatting the opioid crisis.

Antar Jutla in front of a map of Yemen.

The Outbreak Hunter

One researcher is predicting cholera before it appears.

Greg Dahle at the arboretum.

City Jungles

Greg Dahle puts dollar values on West Virginia's urban forests.

wvu old campus

WVU at 150

We take a look back at the people, places and events that helped make WVU truly unique.

milky way

Finding Our Way Through the Milky Way

This map of hydrogen in the Milky Way galaxy is the clearest ever made.

A cancer cell.

In the Path of Cancer

At WVU, one scientist may be on the verge of discovering the ultimate weapon against a deadly form of breast cancer.


A New Kind of Mining

Elements that help power everything from the smartphone in your pocket to the nation's missile guidance system could come from an unlikely Appalachian source — acid mine drainage sludge.


History in Plants

The herbarium in the Life Sciences Building is like an encyclopedia of plants that were once alive.

condor cropped

In Human Hands: The Future of the California Condor

WVU researchers are helping California condors and their descendants thrive.

Keith Bowers

Restoring the Planet

Keith Bowers, BS '82, Landscape Architecture, is on a quest to restore the world's ecological future.

pet helmet

This Helmet Could Save Your Life

New technology shows how brain functions can revolutionize healthcare.

Student gathers hemp from the field.

New Life for an Old Crop

Hemp, which was once illegal to grow in the U.S., is now fair game for research projects with state departments of agriculture.


Guns, Drugs and Science

Firing pistols and burning drugs. That's another day at the office for WVU Chemistry Professor Suzanne Bell.

Ken St. Louis

The Man Who Took on Stuttering

Ken St. Louis stuttered as a child. But he conquered the disorder and went on to improve the lives of thousands across West Virginia.

Blair Crisson with her daughter.

Reversing the Drug Trend

Dr. Carl Sullivan has been finding solutions to addiction for decades and developed a comprehensive opiate addiction treatment.

Judith Hayes

Making Food for Astronauts

After she left WVU, this researcher went on to design the astronaut exercise program still used on the International Space Station.


Finding Time of Death

In between teaching classes, Rachel Mohr takes her trusty backpack to crime scenes where she uses insects to measure time of death.