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The Soldiers of World War I

Nearly 2,700 U.S. soldiers mobilized for World War I, which ended 100 years ago, had ties to WVU. Here's a look at some of those soldiers and letters from the war that are preserved at WVU Libraries.

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The Appalachian Table

When Anthony Bourdain wanted to know more about West Virginia cuisine, he visited alumnus Mike Costello’s kitchen.

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Food is Local. Food is Global. Food is Complicated.

The Food Justice Lab and a network of farmers are working to bring local food to local tables.

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The Beat Poet

Meet Daniel McTaggart: WVU custodian by night, beat poet by day.

A sculpture in the garden at the Art Museum of WVU.

Sculptures of the Art Museum

Next time you're on campus, take a stroll past the Art Museum and gaze in wonder at these elegant sculptures.

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Bring Me Home

"Country Roads" binds the world.

Elaine McMillion portrait

Making Sunlight in the Dark

Alumna Elaine McMillion Sheldon directed two documentaries in West Virginia about people who are combatting the opioid crisis and seeking recovery.

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Secrets of a Disaster

Author Catherine Venable Moore explains why it's important to remember one of the nation's worst industrial disasters that most of us don't know about.

Joanna Burt-Kinderman teaches math in a classroom.

Math Revolution

Joanna Burt-Kinderman is a math coach...yes, a math coach. And her work has helped put schools in Pocahontas County, W.Va. on par with with the most math-proficient states in the nation.

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Celebrating Einstein

Albert Einstein has inspired a lot of progress at WVU -- and even art.

USS Indianapolis

The Solving of an Enduring World War II Mystery

Sometimes all it takes to solve a mystery is a Google search and a fudge shop.

Portrait of Rodney Williams.

The Startup to Watch

This young alum is a tech entrepreneur who developed a protocol that transmits data over audio.

WV scene in origami.

How to Remake a State

Some look at where we've been. We look at what's ahead. Here's what drives West Virginia forward.

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent

The WVU College of Law is aiding in one man's quest for freedom after 20 years in prison.


An Expected Crisis

We saw the educator shortage looming. It’s here now. And WVU researchers have some ideas about how to fix it.

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Marked, Unmarked, Remembered

A WVU Press book of photography shows moments in history that should be remembered.

blurry people

Forward Facing

WVU has covered new ground in changing the culture.


Award-Winning Barbecue

Poetry, prose and pulled pork have more in common than you think. Ask world barbecue champion Luke Darnell.


A History of Coal and Gas

The historically rich West Virginia coal and petroleum industries are being preserved at the Royce J. and Caroline B. Watts Museum.

Hannah Lin

Demystifying the Dragon

Before 2006, WVU had zero Chinese language or culture courses. Along came Hannah Lin to change that.

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Time Outs and Short Ditties: WVU Marching Band Tunes (2018)

Hail WV! And hail to this list of songs to be churned out by the Pride of WV in 2018.

Matthew Van Dyne

The Fashion Slayer

Television served as a catalyst for an unlikely yet prosperous career behind the scenes in Hollywood for this WVU alumnus.

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Mountaineers in TV

From WVU to the TV screen, these Mountaineers have made a splash in the entertainment industry.

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FallFest Through the Years

Remember when Kanye played FallFest? Or Maroon 5? What about Violent Femmes and Biz Markie in '98? Huh, what?

wvu old campus

WVU at 150

We take a look back at the people, places and events that helped make WVU truly unique.

Rhonda Reymond

Defending Our Right to the Past

As ISIS destroys millennia-old cultural sites, art history professor Rhonda Reymond advocates for preserving our past.

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Women Who Are Changing the Tech World

These women are changing the future of technology and women’s place in it.